• Charmina Tribe (BrantSteele – Celebrities vs Endorsements) Live Stream Call in Show

    JD narrates you through an interactive Survivor BrantSteele simulation with various celebrities facing off against the products they endorse! Featuring tailored narration, call-in shows, stock watch, and a few extra surprises! Watch the video to follow along!

  • Pet Pageant (Neopets) with Shannon Guss, Alex G

    Guests Alex G and Shannon Guss join your new best friends to learn about the world of Neopets! They will start with some guessing games, followed by a Neopets pageant where they will dress up their pet and compete for the title of Waterbear!

  • WTRBR (Water Bottles)

    Welcome to Wombat Water! Karen from Canada, Jess Sterling, and JD McGuire compete in our inaugural game to determine the best brand of bottled water! Corey B hosts and serves […]

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