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  • Full Dump (Coconut Water) with Sara, Kirs, Jonathan

    We're back with more water, and this one's tough to crack! Karen from Canada, Sara Fergenson, Kirs, and Jonathan go head to head to determine which coconut water is the best of them all! Corey B hosts.

  • Fleur de P (Sparkling Water) with Gabby Pascuzzi

    The water pod is back, and this time, it's sparkling! Survivor's own Gabby Pascuzzi joins Corey B, Jess Sterling, and JD McGuire to play some fun and nonsensical games that will ultimately crown one sparkling water brand as better than all the rest. Karen from Canada hosts.

  • WTRBR (Water Bottles)

    Welcome to Wombat Water! Karen from Canada, Jess Sterling, and JD McGuire compete in our inaugural game to determine the best brand of bottled water! Corey B hosts and serves […]

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