Pepperanni (Pizza) with Josh Wigler, Navi, Melody

Which controversial pizza topping is best? We’ve brought on noted pizza connoisseur Josh Wigler along with pizza enthusiasts JD, Navi, and Melody to play games, draft toppings, and build the best-tasting pizza! Who will become the newest Waterbear? How will new social strategies change the game? And which scientifically-proven best pizza will you be ordering later? Dig in to find out! Jess Sterling hosts.

This episode was produced and edited by Corey B.

Pizza Game Clues

Here are the available Domino’s specialty pizzas if you’d like to play along!

Final Round – Delivered Pizzas

Spoilers ahead! We all ordered the pizzas of the two players in the final round. Here’s what our pizzas looked like when they were delivered!

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