Hello, friends! We’re currently accepting submissions for a podcast about eggs! We would love for you to contribute to a guessing game for the podcast!

Here’s how to contribute. We want you to give a clue in your best Gordon Ramsay impression. Pick an egg dish below, and we want to hear your best impression of Gordon critiquing it! Don’t say the name of the dish; instead, give enough hints for the players to be able to guess which egg preparation you’ve chosen. Then, feel free to chastise the poor fictional chef who gave it to you! Please be as creative and “out there” as you want!

Egg Preparations:
Sunny Side UpOver EasyOver Hard
Soft ScrambledHard ScrambledPoached
Hard BoiledSoft BoiledBaked
OmeletteSteamedCloud Egg

Please submit two recordings using the recording tool below. The first recording will be your impression, and the second will be stating your name and revealing the answer. Each clip can be a maximum of 90 seconds – and we’ll take it from there. To have time to organize your submissions, we’d love to have this back by Tuesday, March 9. Thanks again!

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